August 10, 2019

1:00 pmIntroductions and welcome
Josh and James Vosper's Manitoba MovieJoshua VosperTravelogue of a father and son cycle trip from the Saskatchewan border to Plumas
Epilogue Henry VDon PhillipsPerformance and study of the epilogue sonnet from Shakespeare's Henry V
Tragic Love StoryBrendon Olenick
Camp Don't Wanna Come BackDylan EwasiukCamp counsellors take a group of kids camping and abandon them to a bear in the hills
Letters from the FrontKelvin BueckertUsing many of their actual words, written in letters from the front and preserved in the Gladstone Museum, this dramatic presentation explores WWI, as seen and experience by Gladstone area veterans.
Love is my Sin (non competition)Don PhillipsA dramatization of various sonnets, filmed at the Neepawa County Court Building.
Approx 2:30 pmIntermission
Approx 3 pmThe History of 263 Hamilton St.GEN & GPA Production (Rick Sparling)The story of the building located at 263 Hamilton St. in Neepawa and the many businesses that have operated there, from its construction in 1891 until present.
For KennedyRyan NesbittA love letter from a father to his daughter, For Kennedy takes a cinematic look at her journey into the world.
MockingbirdWarren NightingaleCatherine Lewis has found life difficult since her husband passed away. She misses her George, but passes the time by taking care of the house they shared for over 40 years. Catherine's daughter, Sarah, wishes that her mom would move to the city. Catherine is not ready to leave her home just yet, especially now that George is talking to her. Can that be him or is it her imagination? The film was shot in the Neepawa community, and stars Jean Forsman and Amanda Naughton-Gale.
Save the WildernessLarry PowellInspirational music video
Revolving DoorsTanner BennetA rockumentary of Tanner's father's band, the Revolving Doors
Illusion of DespairJasmin Isaac
Westman Smash Story
Approx 4:30Filmakers' Q&A, followed by awards