1. The Neepawa Film Festival committee reserve the right to deny showing any entry they deem unfit or breaks the following rules and guidelines.
  2. All entrants will permit their work to be shown at The Roxy Theatre, Neepawa, ArtsForward, Neepawa for the duration of the festival and to be broadcast on NACTV for 1 year without fee.
  3. All work to be no less than 5 minutes and no more than 30 minutes duration.
  4. All films to be “family friendly”, but can be documentary, narrative and/or animated
  5. All work to of been created within a 100Km radius of The Roxy or by someone living within that area.
  6. All work to be completed and submitted no later than midday July 12th 2019 at any of the following location
    1. The Roxy Theatre (FAO Jamie Willis)
    2. The Banner (FAO Kate Jackman-Atkinson)
    3. NACTV Studio (FAO Don Walmsley)
    4. HyLife Foods (FAO Jamie Willis)

Films submitted prior to June 15th will be given extra consideration

  1. Must be delivered in one of the following formats:
    1. Physical


  1. Digital


  1. Only 1 entry per entity
  2. Releases must be provided for all under age performers
  3. No product placement or advertising permitted
  4. Judging and thereby Prizes awarded will be done by lots/votes of the viewing public

Examples of Work

  1. A Day in the life of….
  2. Instructional/Educational/How to
  3. Narrative/Fiction
  4. Animated
  5. Historical